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We have just been accepted for conditional accreditation after passing our 1 year trial !

Roxan delivers intelligent tagging products, and TagFaster has evolved as a modern day classic all-rounder. It has been designed for Electronic tagging, but still offers a simple visual tagging solution. Convenience, Speed, Accuracy, Welfare, Flock Management and Tag Performance improvements are now proven after 4 seasons of practical use of several million tags, around the world, on sheep, pigs and poultry.

With more developments in progress, based on end-user feedback and our own innovative ideas for the future, Roxan guarantees to keep themselves and you at least one step ahead. Whether you see it as taking the pain out of unwelcome regulations, or as an aid to profitable farm management, in large or small scale, I firmly believe that TagFaster is the right choice.

Compact, single action, single handed automatic tagger is fast loading and dispenses 20 singles or 10 doubles.

Fast Loading

TagFaster is easy to load - and quick. You KNOW when the tags are in the correct loaded position because you can’t pull them back out again; they’re locked in. However you can remove them by tipping the little lever on the side of the gun – easier and better than any other products available.

Ear Comfort

Ear space is maximised with our patented ‘bridge’. Curved smooth body has anti-pinch MID size pin for a more comfortable fit for your animal.

Sealed Advanced Electronics

Our improved electronics are over-moulded with no possibility of chip loss. Roxan TagFaster tags have the best read performance of all UK manufacturers* *Source: ScotEID March 2012 Roxan TagFaster topped the read rates table for high volume tag sales 2011

Anti-Bacterial Pins

Anti-bacterial additive in every ROXAN TagFaster pin assists in the fight against harmful bacteria.

Inhibits growth or replication of Staphylococcus Aureus (aka MRSA) & e-Coli by 99.82%*. Effective for the life of the tag.

Introduced from May 2015 to help the fight against ear-infection.

*Test Method: ISO 22196:2011which specifies a method of evaluating the antibacterial activity of antibacterial-treated plastics, and other non-porous, surfaces of products - tested by Independent Laboratory November 2014

Breeder Tag Year Colours

The Breeder tags are coloured, and are applied to animals born on your property.

2007 Sky Blue
2008 Black
2009 White
2010 Orange
2011 Green
2012 Purple
2013 Yellow
2014 Red
2015 Sky Blue
2016 Black
2017 White
2018 Orange
2019 Green
2020 Purple
2021 Yellow
2022 Red

Post Breeder Tags Colour

These are applied to sheep or goats no longer on their property of birth, or to introduced animals that have lost their original tag. If you are applying a post breeder tag, leave the property of birth tag in the ear as well as applying the post breeder tag.


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Roxan is a trading name of Datamars Agri UK Limited, incorporated in Scotland. Company No.SC270034.

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